We’re thrilled to announce you can now use PayPal to fund an investment account with Acorns. Once you link your PayPal account to Acorns, you can choose to set-up a recurring or one-time investment funded from your PayPal account. This gives you an even easier way to save and invest money to lead healthier financial lives.

But that’s not all. Once your accounts are linked you can easily monitor your Acorns account right from within PayPal — online and in the PayPal mobile app — in order to provide you better visibility as you build your long-term savings. This will allow you to do things like check your Acorns account value, monitor your investment contributions, and manage your recurring and one- time transfers to Acorns right in the moment. This is in addition to the existing feature allowing PayPal users to use the Acorns “Round-up” feature on PayPal purchases, automatically investing the round-ups into a low-cost, diversified portfolio of exchange-traded funds. Together, Acorns and PayPal are helping democratize financial services and offering innovative solutions to the people typically underserved by the current system.

These new features are starting to roll out to select U.S. PayPal customers today, and will be available for all U.S. customers by early 2018.