Strandview Capital is a growth equity firm providing highly strategic capital to early stage companies in the financial services sector. We invest in companies and sectors where our specialized industry knowledge and professional network add tangible strategic value.

We are significantly more hands-on than typical financial investors and collaborate closely with management to accelerate growth, increase revenue and achieve near-term profitability. Given our specialized industry focus, we are often able to deliver new customers and strategic partners, and the companies we invest in often become customers of each other, contributing to mutual growth.

We typically lead investments of $2 million to $12 million into companies, and we often represent the only institutional investors alongside management. We focus on capital-light businesses, such as services and software, and companies that are profitable, or can achieve profitability, within 12 to 18 months.

We believe the financial services sector represents a large opportunity that is currently underserved by venture capital or private equity funds due partly to the specialized knowledge required for this industry. The financial services sector is highly fragmented and many companies have been slow to adopt basic off-the-shelf technology that can result in dramatic increases in efficiency, analytics and workflow transparency.